Friday, August 11, 2017

Big Films....Poor Collections...How Long?

Barring Bahubali 2 (which wasn't an original Hindi film), 2017 has been a very dull year for Bollywood so far. Biggest names of the industry have garnered some of the weakest numbers, be it Tubelight, Jagga Jasoos or JHMS. Halls are running empty. So is this really surprising or alarming?

There may be many factors and reasons for this dull show till date. But what I feel is, this is a healthy scenario which should have happened much earlier than this. Audiences were being taken for granted for last so many decades and till before few years, they had to accept whatever was offered to them. But things have changed drastically within last year or two. 

First there were smartphones and then came the cheap data. The tsunami of cheap data has changed the entire pattern people used to consume the content. In the times of 'real time updates, audiences are evolving faster than one could imagine. When anything and everything you like is available at your fingertips, why to wait for a so called 'inspired' one? Gone are the days when people used to stand in long queues for tickets to see their favourite stars on big screen. Times have changed and they are their in your pocket screen everywhere. 

Here I am not at all denying the fan following of the big names in the industry. They have the power to pull in the crowd, but up to a certain level only. Rising ticket prices and easy access to better contents are two biggest factors coming in between a star and a fan paying to see him or her. Readiness to pay for a star only is decreasing with time. Also, the rise in number of options of  'out of home' activities play a big role, too.

Time has come for the makers of movies to take the audience more seriously and offer them more than just another 'typical Bollywood' movie. Many times in the past, people have followed Bollywood trends, but now is the time for Bollywood to follow the trend and that's to move away from trend. Be creative, be original and we will happily pay for the ticket.

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