Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Govt., racism and terrorism...

For last few days, everybody has been watching and reading about what is going on there in Australia. Media has put light on few cases now. But there may be lots of other incidents which might have gone un-noticed. Australian government is giving statements like they just don’t care about what’s happening over there. They are not even accepting that it’s all racism. Our government is not even able to put any pressure on the Australia. They are just making statement to media. Nothing concrete is coming out. Around 95000 students in Australia are feeling helpless at the moment. Parents are worried sitting here in India and calling their children back from down under. And this is happening because they are not satisfied with the way the govt. is going about this matter. 

And yesterday, Pakistan frees Hafees Saeed, mastermind of the Mumbai attacks. India doubts on Pakistan’s commitment and sincerity. But the question is how India can expect it from Pakistan when the government of India itself lacks that dedication and seriousness. Leave Hafees aside and look what treatment Ajmal Kasab is getting by the Indian govt. He is being treated not less then a celebrity. He is getting whatever he asks for. And now, his Pakistani lawyer will be given Rs.50000 per month. It means Rs. 2500 for every working day. Normally, this amount is Rs. 900. So, why Kasab is given this special treatment?  And why the govt. and the court is testing people’s patience and playing with emotions. 

No one in India wants him to be alive after the 26/11 attack. Why he is given a chance to fight his case. Does he deserve any right after what he has done?  He should be hanged live in the public or should be left in the hands of the public. But this government of the largest democracy on earth is busy with other major issues than these are. 

Why foreign ministry is not able to create any type of international pressure on Australia and (/or) Pakistan? And if there was some pressure generated on Pakistan after the Mumbai attack, why it has been able to free Hafees Saeed this easy? Govt. is not able to give any assurance to the helpless students in Australia but is it able to do that for the people of India in India, where terrorists like Kasab are getting luxurious treatment in the jail? 

Looking at election results and then all these situations, I feel that the people have waken up, but the government is still sleeping